Universities we Represent in Russia

MBBS in Russia Fees in Rupees, Ryazan State Medical University

Tuition Fee 1st Year Fees 2nd-6th Year Total Fee
Per Year 5500 USD 4000 $ x 5= 20000 USD 25500 USD
Tuition Fee in INR (approx.) 4.09 Lakhs 14.87 Lakhs 18.96 Lakhs

Bashkir State Medical University, Russia

Year Tution Fee In INR (Approx.) Tution Fee(In USD)
First Year 5,12,603 6900$
Second Year 3,49,164 4700$
Third Year 3,82,595 5150$
Fourth Year 4,16,025 5600$
Fifth Year 4,53,170 6100$
Sixth Year 4,97,745 6700$
Total Fee 26,11,304 35,150$

Kazan Medical University, Russia

Fee Pattern Total Fee
1st Year
Total Fee
2nd-6th per Year
Grand Total
Total Expenses
Per Year 3,86,309 3,86,309 3,86,309+(3,86,309 x 5) = 23,17,854
Tution Fee(In USD) 5,200$ 5,200$ 5,200$ +(5,200$ x 5) = 31200 $

Orel State University Fees

1st Year Fees 3800 US Dollars 300 US Dollars 4100 US Dollars 3,04,590 Rupees
2nd & 3rd yr. Fees 3400 US Dollars/yr. 200 US Dollars/yr. 3600 US Dollars/yr. 2,67,445 Rupees/yr.
4,5,6th yr Fees 3000 US Dollars/yr. 200 US Dollars/yr. 3200 US Dollars/yr. 2,37,728 Rupees/yr.
Total fees for 6 Years 20,900 USD RS. 15,52,667 (approx.) (1 USD= 74 INR)  
PROCESSING FEES (one time) RS 50,000 Processing Fee Includes: Application fee+ Invitation + Visa Fee+ Assistance in Russia    

Mari State Medical University Fees

Fee Pattern Total Fee
1st Year
Total Fee
2nd-6th Per Year
Grand Total
Total Expenses
One Time Package 21,500 USD 21,500 USD
(Full Course)
Tution Fee In INR (Approx.) 15,97,241 INR 15,97,241
(Full Course)
Per Year 6000$ 5000$ 31000 USD
23,02,999 INR
Above Fees Structure Includes Tution Fees, Basic Hostel Fees & Medical Insurance.
Mess Fee For Per Year is 1200$ INR 88,984

Altai State Medical University, Russia

Fee Pattern Total Fee(In USD)
1st Year
Total Fee(In USD)
2nd-6th per Year
Grand Total
Total Expenses
Per Year 4000$ 4000$ 4000$ + (4000$ x 5) = 24000$
Hostel fee(In USD) 700$ 700$ 700$ + (700$ x 5) = 4200$
Insurance(In USD) 200$ 200$ 200$ + (200$ x 5) = 1200$
Medical+Reg+Visa Extension(In USD) 200$ 200$ 200$ + (200$ x 5) = 1200$
Doc.Translation+Attestation(In USD) 100$ N/A 100$
One Time Charges(In USD) 800$ N/A 800$
Total Fee In INR(Approx) 23,38,640
Mess Charges : 1300 USD Per Year (INR Approx 96,515)

Belgorod State University, Russia For MBBS

FEE IN US DOLLARS 5000 US Dollars/yr. 500 US Dollars/yr. 5500 US Dollars/yr. 33000 US Dollars
FEE IN INDIAN RUPEES(approx.) 3,71,212 Rupees/yr. 37,121 Rupees/yr. 4,08,334 Rupees/yr. 24,50,004 Indian Rupees (approx.)

Volgograd State Medical University, Russia

First Year Second Year Third Year Fourth Year Fifth Year Sixth Year
5900$ 5900$ 5900$ 5900$ 5900$ 5900$
Total Fee 35,400$
Total Fee In INR Approx 26,28,186

Voronezh State Medical University, Russia

Particular Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6
Tuition Fee (approx.) $5400 $4500 $4500 $4500 $4500 $4500
Hostel (approx.) $600 $600 $600 $600 $600 $600
Medical + Insurance + Registration Fee (approx.) $6100 $100 $100 $100 $100 $100
Total (USD) (approx.) $6100 $5200 $5200 $5200 $5200 $5200
Fees in Indian Rupees (approx.) Rs.4.27 Lakhs Rs.3.64 Lakhs Rs.3.64 Lakhs Rs.3.64 Lakhs Rs.3.64 Lakhs Rs.3.64 Lakhs
Total Fees in Indian Rupees (approx.) Rs 23,83,185

Crimea State Medical University, Russia

First Year Second Year Third Year Fourth Year Fifth Year Sixth Year
6500$ 3300$ 3300$ 3300$ 3300$ 3300$
Total Fee 23000$
Total Fees in INR (approx.) 17,07,578

St Petersburg State Medical University, Russia

FEE IN INDIAN RUPEES(approx.) 2,95,000 Rupees/yr. 50,000 Rupees/yr. 3,45,000 Rupees/yr. 20,70,000 Rupees (approx.)( for 6 years)
PREPARATORY COURSE (Duration 10 months) 2500 US Dollars 600 US Dollars 3100 US Dollars 200,000 Rupees

Orenburg State Medical University, Russia

Fee Pattern Total Fee
1st Year
Total Fee
2nd-6th per year
Grand Total
Total Expenses
One Time Package 23,000 USD 23,000 USD(Full Course)
Semi-Package 18,400$ 2000$ 28,400$
Per Year 6,000$ 6,000$ 36,000$

Smolensk State Medical University, Russia

Fee Pattern Total Fee
1st Year
Total Fee
2nd-6th Per Year
Grand Total
Per Year 5500 USD 5500 USD 33000 USD

Disclaimer:Tuition fees of the medical universities mentioned in the table are subject to fluctuation. Contact Select Your University for more details regarding tuition fees, hostel cost, and conversion of USD to INR.

MBBS Admission In Russia | MBBS In Russia | 2021

MBBS admission in Russia, Russia is a well educated and finely skilled society and a progressive economy and it is well known for its strong academic schools in medical, physics, and natural sciences.

Russia is one of the highest literacy rate in the world and having many world class universities, russia has a distinction of being the most preferred destination of higher studies for Indian students.

Another interesting fact about studing in russia is that there are more than 200,000 people from around 168 countries who come to study at russian universities every year and it also creates a sort of cultural diversity in the universities.

The students who wants to study MBBS in russia, those can easily get MBBS admission in russia. Joinus will explain you the process related to admission.

Russia has been plausible destination for indian students for pursuing MBBS. Pass-outs from Russian Medical Universities are currently working in the top Hospitals across the world. MBBS in Russia is a good choice for indian students because of low cost fee structure by Russian Ministry of Health & Education as compared to other countries and provides High Quality of Education. There are almost 60 MBBS universities in Russia. The student to teacher ratio is 7:2 in all Russian MBBS Universities.

Direct MBBS Admission In Russia 2021

Joinus 4 Global Education assists in easy direct mbbs admission in russia for Indian Students at the top Russian medical colleges, we are assisting during the time of visa process and other admission related guidance 2020-21. Contact Joinus 4 Globel Education to get direct mbbs admission in russia with less fees to obtain the best quality of education for Indian Students, great opportunity for every one to study MBBS in Russia, good place to study MBBS in Russia because low cost MBBS College and less fees courses are available. It's very Important to know for evey student how to get direct mbbs admission in abroad with less fees. Biggest opportunity for the students those who are showing interest to study MBBS in Russia.

MBBS Admission Process in Russia

After selecting the right faculty and university for you, the main admission process starts by filling the application of universities. You need to check the admission office of the universities for international applications. If you want state funded and privately sponsored programs, then you need to send their scholarship application as well.

International students have equal rights of admission in Russia. But it is always advisable to apply in multiple universities at the time of admission. As you may get rejections on academic grounds from one or another.

mbbs admission process in russia, study mbbs in russia, direct admission

The admission process to get in Russian universities is easy and simple and also the students get 100% Visa Guarantee. MBBS fee in Russia is affordable because the Russian Government provides subsidy for education the average MBBS fee in Russia is between 2.5Lacs to 5Lacs per year.

The fee for each application is US$35 to US$100. This money pays for processing your application and is non-refundable, even if you aren’t admitted to the school. If you mail your application, make sure to contact the admissions office to confirm your application was received.

The admissions office will review your marks earned during the last four years of secondary school. Your results from your country’s national secondary school examinations will also be reviewed. If you are applying to a graduate program, your marks from university or college will be taken into consideration.

Russia provides best mbbs education in all over the world because getting mbbs admission in russia is worth compare to other countries and quality of the education is also good. One of the best county in all over the world for doing mbbs is russia.

Many of the students like to take MBBS admission in russia and they are continuously trying but at the end they may not get admission or may not get their preferrable college. when you totally disapointed to get MBBS admission in Russia. Just contact to Joinus 4GlobalEducation to get MBBS admission in Russia.

Russia is sparkling country famous among all the countries for MBBS. Russia offering outstanding education system to the international students, and also offering many other several opportunities to the international students who want to study abroad. Russia is one of the famous country across the world providing high quality education to the international student with promising technology.

The MBBS education system in the Russia is praised throughout the world and a Russia MBBS degree is excellent. it is also fantastic place to live and study and we are confident that you will thoroughly enjoy your time here.

The admission process to get in Russian universities is easy and simple and also the students get 100% Visa Guarantee. MBBS fee in Russia is affordable because the Russian Government provides subsidy for education the average MBBS fee in Russia is between 2.5Lacs to 5Lacs per year.

Why MBBS Study in Russia

To earn medical expertise, get direct MBBS admission in Russia at the low cost. Easy and direct MBBS admission in Russia is worth to study MBBS in Russia for Indian students. The eligibility to study low-cost MBBS in Russia or MBBS admission in Russia is after 10+2.

All Russian Medical Universities are listed in WHO and MCI so a student who gets an MBBS degree from Russia has a worldwide recognition of degrees and can practice in any part of the world. The main reason to study in Russia is all the medical universities provide quality of medical education and practical knowledge.

Students get good accommodation facilities like fully furnished hostel facility inside the university campus with fresh and quality food. And Indian canteen is available in most of the universities.

All MBBS students in Russia get Medical Insurance for all courses and get full medical treatment when they need. And one more benefit that adds on to Russian medical education is the MCI Screening Test which is only provided in Russia. All the universities are government universities of Russia.

Reference is available for Students working in Leading Hospitals across the World i.e., not only in India but in Australia, Canada, USA, UK and other major countries across the globe.

Scholarship Opportunities in Russia

To reduce the financial burden of international students, the russian government and universities offer a number of scholarships to the students so that there is no financial pressure on students. the popular and prominent scholarships include

Eligibility Criteria for MBBS in Russia

You can get admission in an MBBS course in Russia, if:

  • students who are at the age of 17 years and above are eligible to study in Russia.
  • Students must have secured 50% of marks (40% marks in case students having reservations) in their 10+2 exams with Physics chemistry boilogy and english as mandatory subjects from a recognised boad/ universities.
  • students doesnot require any valid entrance examinations.
  • Admissions follow on a first come first served basis.
  • At least 134 score in NEET Exam (If you are in General category)
  • At least 107 score in NEET Exam (If you are in Reserved category)



Students have to introspect before planning to study abroad in Russia. It is necessary to make awell-versed decision before you plan foranoverseas higher education. The country has emerged as a leading study abroad destination known for its top-quality education. Here are the top 10 reasons why you shouldchoose to study in the Philippines:

Russia is a very diverse country. Not only in the sense that many students from different countries in the world come to study there. Rather because the Russian population is very diverse, it’s made up of more than 150 different ethnic groups which speak over 100 languages.

2.Global Recognition
The courses or studies you choose in Russia are globally recognized. All of the best universities in Russian have joined the European Universities Association. Moreover Russian universities and schools are known for their academic excellence.

3.Russia is a regional power and is returning as a world power
Russia has associations with the former Soviet republics of Central Asia, such as a customs union and collective security treaty organization. Key Russian politicians are proposing a "Eurasian Union" embracing these states,strategically encompassing the economic and security spheres. This prospectively boosts Russian economic, foreign policy and military influence in the region.

4. Speak Russian to engage in the Russian economy
Russia is one of the largest producers,if not the largest producer, of numerous natural resources and raw materials including petroleum, diamonds, gold, copper, manganese, uranium, silver,graphite, and platinum. Russia is the second largest steel producer in the world after Japan, and has an enormous timber reserve.

5.Russian is an important language for science and technology
According to a recent study, the number of publications in the sciences is highest for English, with Russian second. This is the case for chemistry, physics, geology, mathematics, and biological sciences. Russia always has had a rich tradition in the sciences, from Mendeleev to recent Fields medalists in mathematics.

6. Russian is spoken by hundreds of millions of people:
The Russian Federation spans nine time zones and covers about 1/8th of the world's land surface. It is the largest country in the world, almost twice the size of the United States.Russia has a population of almost 150 million people, which constitutes slightly more than 50% of the population of the former Soviet Union. There are around 270 million Russian speakers in the world.

7.Russian combines well with many other disciplines
business and Russian, science and Russian, political science or history and Russian, English and Russian,another foreign language and Russian, engineering and Russian, mathematics and Russian, music and Russian. Russian provides you with opportunities your non-Russian studying classmates don't have. For instance, a student majoring in biology and Russian can go to Russia on study abroad and work with Russian biologists in a laboratory in Russia, get a fellowship to study fresh water ecology in Lake Baikal and Lake Tahoe, and then go on to medical school.

8.Studying Russian helps you enter post-graduate programs
Students who study Russian have a high rate of acceptance for graduate study in law school, business school,medical school, and other professional programs.

9. Friendly people
Russian are very friendly making your stay here a memorable and enjoyable one.

10. FSU's Russian Program is a proven success
Students in our program have received internships with the US State Department in Moscow, Fulbright Awards, the Pickering Undergraduate Fellowship in Foreign Affairs, and jobs with the Department of Defense, Defense Language Institute, and US State Department.

Read Expert Advice on MBBS in Russia
Being a Doctor/physician after MBBS in Russia is the highly respected career as people understand the value of life as a doctor and if you possess an International MBBS Degree, you can add wings to your career advancement. We guide you how to get direct mbbs admission in russia for indian students, It is obvious the medical career is tougher than that of others in terms of understanding, reading, passing the exams and practicing the skills, but not impossible. study MBBS stands for Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery, is the most promising and valued degree across the globe.

Cheapest MBBS in Russia


Russia is the largest self-governing country in the world by surface area, situated in Eurasia, officially known as the Russian Federation. Study MBBS in Russia comes under the prime destination for international students who wish to study MBBS in abroad as low cost MBBS Colleges and Universities in Russia are recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI) and World Health Organization (WHO). Direct mbbs admission in russia for indian students is worth considering because the country has maintained its standard in higher education as well as sets a benchmark across the globe. MBBS in Russia is the most promising degree across the globe and you can study cheapest MBBS in Russia at the Lowest fees.

MBBS in Russia For Indian Students


We advise you to study medicine in Russia because it may help you to add wings to your dream of becoming a doctor as well as avoid unnecessary stresses. Sometimes, MBBS Russia Fees/ cost are ten times less than that of Indian Medical Universities and Indian Private Medical Colleges. International MBBS students can read cheapest MBBS in Russia in English medium. The faculty of MBBS in Russia comprises excellent knowledge of English that makes study MBBS in Russia easier to understand for Indian students and practice their medical profession. Therefore Russian MBBS programs are top for Indian students and top 10 Russia medical coachings are best at teaching MBBS programs.

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Russia Visa Process for Indian Students


You can get a student visa to Russia relatively easily. You can sign up for a Russian language course in Russia and obtain the invitation by which you’ll apply for the student visa. Another question is how much the Russian courses cost. You can also enroll to study at a university in Russia. They’ll provide you with an invitation too. A university in your home country may partner with a university in Russia. Check out their programs but applying directly to the Russian university would be less expensive.

What documents you’ll need to provide for the visa besides the visa invitation depends on the country you’re a passport holder of. In general, if you have the invitation, the rest is easy.

You’ll also need:

  • visa application
  • Passport photo
  • Original passport
  • Payment for Russian consulate fees
  • HIV test results.

Additional documents to carry:

  • Copy of medical coverage policy
  • Confirmation of accommodation
  • Copy of itinerary
  • Proof of sufficient funds to cover your trip

Course Structure - MBBS in Russia

Standard curriculum is based on the government standard of education for higher professional education for General Medicine Specialty for qualification of Physician (Doctor of Medicine)Moscow, Ministry of the health, and Ministry of the Education of the Russian Federation.There are following basic teaching methods at the University

There are following basic teaching methods at the University

• Lecture based

• Small-group discussions and seminars

• Practical and laboratory works

• Tutorials

• Independent studies

• Assessments

• Clinical training - Clinical rotation (Bedside teaching, Ward rounds)

The First, Second and Third Years

The first three years lay the foundation for an understanding of human biology, its progression towards disease and subsequent medical treatment. The basic medical science curriculum ushers the student through the study of anatomy, physiology, histology, biochemistry, cell biology, microbiology, general pathology, genetics and principles of clinical medicine.

Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Year Curriculum

In the last three years, the student begins to apply the knowledge acquired in the first two years of the biomedical sciences and to sharpen clinical skill with a series of clinical clerkship in Primary Care medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Emergency medicine, Internal medicine, Neurology and Psychiatry.

Also in the fourth, fifth and sixth years, students take classes in other clinical electives consisting of programs in cardiovascular disease, hematology, infectious disease, renal disorders, respiratory disorders, neurology and chronic diseases.

Learning experiences during the years of clinical training are diverse and include seminars, lectures, demonstrations, ward rounds, and grand rounds. However the essence of training is the interaction with patients.

Disadvantages of studying MBBS in Russia


Russia has it's own local language as Russian, it the fact that local students can easily communicate with the lecturers but the Indian students are facing difficulty.

Some of universities in Russia which are not medical colleges but have small faculty of medicine which have started teaching MBBS. The students who choose to study in these colleges may face some problems with regards to technical study and overall education quality.

The duration of MBBS in Russia is almost one year more time compare to India but the Russian MBBS course is still cheaper than Indian private medical college.

Distractions- Some cities in Russia are with very modern lifestyle. There are cities with a lot of night entertainment clubs, restaurants, discos, sports entertainment and other social clubs, high speed internet which can be a big distraction when even parents are not there to keep an open eye on them.

Most Important : The MCI Screening Test (FMGE) was always considered as the biggest hurdle by students who completed their MBBS education from abroad. But, this has not been removed yet “BUT” has been made compulsory for all students i.e. those too who complete their education from any government or private medical college in India. So, now it’s the same entry (NEET qualification required for both places) and exit process (National Exit Test Qualification with 50% marks) whether you study from India or abroad.

Benefits of studying MBBS in Russia for Indian students 2021


Once the candidate completes the medical course, a medical degree is awarded, which is recognized worldwide.

The course contains foreign languages, most specifically Russian, which helps the students in getting familiar with the local setup.

Professors and teachers are very talented and highly qualified because they are all talented in their subjects.

The cost of MBBS and accommodation fees in Russia is very low. Traveling for students in Russia is very cheap.

As an MBBS student in Russia, life is affordable, fun, and professionally completed.

Therefore, we can say that for Indian students with such low fee structure, MBBS from abroad is very effective.There is no need to pay any donations to get admission in a top medical university, which will further reduce your study costs in Russian universities.

There is no need to pay any donations to get admission in a top medical university, which will further reduce your study costs in Russian universities.

Medical universities of Russia are recognized by organizations like WHO, UNESCO, MCI and Medical Council of many other countries.As you know, medical recognition by MCI and WHO can help you overcome competition from many other students.

As you know, medical recognition by MCI and WHO can help you overcome competition from many other students.

Top-ranked universities Altaei State Medical University is now ranked 6th in the top medical universities of Russia.

And not only are there many universities in ASMU who are ranking globally as top medical universities in Russia.

Extra Curricular Activities: Many extracurricular activities and sports activities are organized in medical colleges.

Which inspire students and enthusiasm in them. Apart from this, many students are encouraged to participate in many seminars and international conferences.

When we talk about the rate of corruption in Russia, then it is among the least corrupt nations in the world.Russian citizens are very educated and therefore when we compare with other countries, the rate of corruption is low.

Russian citizens are very educated and therefore when we compare with other countries, the rate of corruption is low.

OVERALL BENEFITS:Thus, education in Russia for Indian students is quite suitable. There is a test which few universities take just to ensure the basic level of 12th standard. Some of the best medical colleges in Russia for Indian students teaching MBBS in English are available for Indian students. It is true that Russia provides MBBS with less fees in the world which is not the case with other European countries. Also, because of its high quality and future prospects, doing medicine in Russia at any of the MCI recognized MBBS colleges in Russia assures Indian Students a great medical career ahead. The duration of MBBS course in Russia is more than that of India.

Advantages of studying MBBS in Russia


An opportunity to study in some of the highest ranked medical colleges in the world. This directly translates to the great infrastructure and the quality of education possible to be attained.

Affordable cost of living as well as Fee structure helps to increase the reach of the education to an audience otherwise difficult to reach.

Universities in Russia are much older as compared to those in China, Philippines or Ukraine and are known to have been maintaining a high quality of education for a longer period of time.

It has been almost 25 years since Indian students started to travel to Russia for pursuing medical education and the number yet continues to increase every year. So, it’s one of the most reliable and trusted option for Indian students for studying MBBS abroad

Students don’t have to pay any charges for electricity, hot & cold water, cooking gas, etc. if they choose to stay in university hostels as these are also covered in the hostel cost.

Living cost in Russia averages around USD 80–100 per month, however this entirely depends on the lifestyle of student.

Teachers here are thus more experienced and accustomed to handling international student issues in a much better way as compared to the others.

Almost all are MCI approved medical colleges, making it easy for the students to come back and practice in India post completion of their course.

Options of winning scholarships from the government of Russia to further subsidize the already low-cost education is a huge benefit for students having limited means.

Globally Recognized Degree– The MBBS degree a student will get after completing his/her MBBS in Russia will be globally recognized and accredited by the Medical Council of India (MCI) and WHO making the students eligible to practice the medical profession in any country they wish to, subject to fulfilment and complying with the eligibility criteria of the respective country.

World wide recognition. An MBBS course from Russia is recognized worldwide by many of the medical councils of most of the major countries.

The medium of teaching in Russia for foreign students is English. So that you can understand very well and practice in many of the countries after completing the course and clearing screening tests

Campus Life for students In Russia


The medical students in Russia enjoy a very healthy and happy life. The students are provided with the best quality accommodation and infrastructure in the college campuses. All the facilities are available in the universities at a very low cost. The students enjoy multicultural environment in the Russian medical universities. Every year, many cultural events and festivals are organized in the universities. The students participate in such events. This helps them in understanding different cultures.

The quality of the medical universities in Russia is very good. The universities follow the international curriculum. The cost of living in Russia is very low and that too with high quality infrastructure. The government of Russia keeps a close eye on the medical universities and helps in maintaining the standards of its higher medical education system. Russia is proud to announce that out of 100 top ranking Medical Universities in the list of "Directory of World Medical Schools" of WHO, 30 universities are from Russia. The students who complete their MBBS from the medical universities of Russia are working in the leading Hospitals around the world.

The students, who graduate from Russian medical universities, are eligible to work in any part of the world as the universities are recognized by the major organizations. The universities not only provide best education but the students are also encouraged to take part in sports and other extracurricular activities. Many sports facilities are also available in the university complexes like badminton court, football ground, basket ball court, swimming pools, gyms

Is NEET Required for MBBS in Russia


Yes, qualify NEET is mandatory for students who are willing to pursue MBBS course in Russia and other foreign countries.

Indian students can't go for MBBS without NEET as per rule of MCI 2020 and it is compulsory to qualify the NEET exam. Taking admission in MBBS in russia is not a difficult task but students should get qualify the NEET exam then the they can get eligible to take admission in russia which depends on cutoff ranking of NEET.

if a Student wants to take their admission in government college then they have to get 600 marks in NEET Apart from that if he didn’t get the high ranking and he just qualify the NEET exam so there is an option for him he can apply for Private colleges or as well as for abroad colleges because in India the fees of private colleges are very costly so most of the students Didn’t Afford that budget so in this situation they can choose the option of abroad universities here the colleges are both private or government and all the universities are recognized by WHO or MCI.

Comparison between MBBS in Russia & MBBS in India


There are 19 subjects taught in India during 4.5 years of MBBS program. The same subjects are covered in Russia in 5 years. Add one year of internship. However, there is a difference in terms of which grade of university you are going in Russia and which university you take admission to.

the very first russia has only the top world class medical government universities with no donation, degree is recognised by worldwide, And in India there’s a fierce competition for govt medical seats & for Private Colleges, they have to pay a huge amount of donation

The degree offered in India after completing the course is called MBBS & in Russia it is called M.D

The duration of MBBS course in Russia is 5.8 years & 5 years in India

The batch size of medical students in India is around 80 to 100 but in Russia its 25 to 30 per batch

Russian universities are more focused towards practical knowledge

How Safe is Russia?


Pursuing MBBS in Russia means staying away from home for an extended period of time. Under the circumstances, it is quite natural for the parents to concern about the safety and security of the children. In that view, Russia is considered a safe country. The city is peaceful with having several aesthetic landscape surroundings. Hostels have their own security where outsiders are not allowed.

Affordable tuition fees and living cost


As a foreign student, you have to take into consideration the financial factors. I am sure it is on the top of the list for many of you. You can relax on this front as well because whether it is the cost of living or tuition fees, both are reasonable and affordable. The parent of the student will not have to feel an extra burden of high-cost budget for the children which are going to be a huge boost for them. Unlike in India, you do not have to pay a hefty donation for the admission. Apart from the tuition fees, the cost of living is the next big concern. It is also not very expensive. In fact, most of the universities allow you the facility to cook food and bear your expense on your own term.

Russia MBBS Fees Structure 2020-2021

Name of the colleges / University College Fees / Year Hostel Fees / Year
Ryazan State Medical University 4600 USD 1000 USD
Bashkir State Medical University 3400 USD 800 USD
Mari State University 3300 USD 900 USD
Altai State Medical University 3500 USD 520 USD
Volgograd State Medical University 5900 USD 1000 USD
Voronezh State Medical University 2700 USD 700 USD
Crimean Federal University 4300 USD 700 USD
St. Petersburg State Medical University 5700 USD 1400 USD
Orenburg State Medical University 4200 USD 900 USD
Kazan State Medical University 6600 USD 800 USD
Kursk State Medical University 5200 USD 900 USD
Dagestan State Medical University 3200 USD 900 USD
Syktyvkar State Medical University 4300 USD 1100 USD
Far Eastern Federal University 3400 USD 950 USD
Tambov State University 4500 USD 1100 USD
Kuban State Medical University 3700 USD 750 USD
First Moscow State Medical University 9200 USD 1700 USD
People’s Friendship University of Russia 7400 USD 1100 USD
Kazan Federal University 5800 USD 1200 USD
Northern State Medical University 4200 USD 600 USD
Novosibirsk State Medical University 5200 USD 1000 USD
Perm State Medical University 4300 USD 1100 USD
Siberian State Medical University 3300 USD 510 USD
Direct MBBS Admission In Russia 2020-2021

FAQ’s for MBBS in Russia


Ques. Is it a good choice to go to Russia for MBBS for Indian students?
Ans: Yes, MBBS in Russia is one of the great opportunity for indian students and the degree is recognized globally and accepted internationally.

Ques. What is the duration of MBBS in Russia?
Ans: The approximate duration is between 5 years 8 months to 6 years depending on the University.

Ques. Is it possible to take transfer in 2nd year of MBBS from one medical college to other?
Ans: Yes, Why not and it is your choice but the 1st thing is you need to clear all the subjects of 1st year. the 2nd thing is you need to get NOC from both the colleges and also permission from your university. But you would need to pay the fees of the entire another 5 years.

Ques. What are problems for studying MBBS in Russia for Indian students?
Ans: Russian peoples have helping nature but the main problem is the Weather condition.

Ques. Taking MBBS Admission in Russia is valuable?
Ans: Medical Study in Russia is very favorable for indian student because any student can take MBBS Admission in Russian colleges without any entrance exam and there is no donation required to get in the Russian colleges/ universities. MBBS students also get training to learn Russian Language and the benefit of learning Russian language is that a student can communicate with patients in the hospital during the time of medical practice.

Ques. Is an MBBS degree from Russia valid in India?
Ans: yes, of course, if the college is recognized by the MCI / WHO, MBBS degree from Russia is valid in India and also valid in worldwide.

Ques. How many times can the students appear for the MCI test?
Ans: There is No Limit on the number of times one can sit for FMGE or the MCI Screening Test. Moreover, the exam happens twice every year.

Ques. What is the minimum percentile score to clear mci exam?
Ans: Mci does not concern with percentile , you need to score 50%.If you pass. By default ur percentile will be close to 95% , as around 5% people pass it.

Ques. What are the career options for a student doing an MBBS from Russia?
Ans: There are a plenty of career options after completing your MBBS in Russia, you can become a doctor & practice in India( after passing MCI screening test), pursue your post graduation & become M.D, Clinical Research, speciality courses etc.

Ques. Should I take a drop for NEET or go to Russia for MBBS?
Ans: My opinion is, you should take MBBS Admission in Russia bcoz unnecessary you will be lost 1 year and the other thing is there is no guaranty that you will get a good score in the next attempt.

Ques. NEET Exam date 2020?
Ans: It is not sure, but as per the government announcement postponed to July month