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Alte university is an innovative educational institute where students come from over the world to study medicine. It was founded in 2002. Alte University is a northwestern university. Alte university is the new name of Tbilisi open university.

Alte University has 20 years of providing the best educational experience. It is located in Tbilisi which is the capital of Georgia. University is the most popular destination among all medical aspirants worldwide. Around 15 countries students come to study MBBS here.

At the time more than 2,100+ students are studying MBBS and more than 2,350+ students are alumni who pass out from Alte university. The duration of medical study at Alte university School is 6 years for the whole medical course. We can say that It is the most demanding university among all the medical aspirants to study MBBS abroad.

Quick Highlights 2022 

  • Founded Year - 2002
  • Medium Language - English 
  • Recognized by - WHO, MNC etc.
  • Yearly Tuition Fees - USD 5,000/-
  • Currently Enrolled Students - 2,100+

Why Alte University School of Medicine is the best to study MBBS? 

The University has an excellent world-class infrastructure that includes an academic building, library, etc. Students get the best MBBS program at an affordable tuition cost. They get proper practical training from the world’s best medical professionals. 

  • Student-Teacher Ratio

Alte university has the best teacher-student ratio. Here the student-faculty ratio is 15:1. Students can get one-to-one attention from the teacher. Therefore, students come to 15 countries to study MBBS at an affordable price. 

  • International Students 

The University has 20+ years of experience in offering medical education to International students. Over 2100 international aspirants are studying the MBBS program. Every year, thousands of international medical students from more than 15+ countries apply for admission here. 

  • Recognized by 

Alte university is recognized by various international medical organizations worldwide. All these organizations are worldwide acceptable. The World Federation for Medical Education (WFME) has recognized the Alte University MBBS program. The MBBS program is recognized and approved by the Medical Council of India (MCI). 

  • Modern Technology

Alte university at a glance the advanced is the new campus in the center of the city. It is well-equipped according to the students' needs. There is a lively learning environment, including the updated teaching technology, student workspaces, conference halls, and affected labs. 

  • Practical knowledge

Alte University provides proper practical training to candidates along with medical education during medical programs. University provides the best training programs under the guidance of senior professors or doctors.

Alte University School of Medicine Ranking 

However, ranking plays a vital role when students choose the best university to study MBBS abroad. Alte University is listed as a top medical university in Georgia. The Alte university ranking is the highest in the country and it is also ranked among the top medical universities in the world.