The Technical University of Berlin is a prestigious research institution in Berlin, Germany. In the year 1770, it was founded and later recognized as the most distinguished universities in Europe. The university is part of the German institutes of technology, TU9. In addition to the main campus, the university has other two campuses in Berlin, one in the industrial area of Wedding and the second in gasometer place in Schöneberg. Moreover, the branch office of the university was inaugurated in Egypt in 2012.

The Technical University of Berlin is popular for its engineering programmes in the field of computer science, economics and management, mathematics, planning, human sciences, process science and mechanical engineering. These seven faculties offer varied courses that include 40 Bachelor's programmes and 60 Master's programmes for the students to choose from. There are approximately 7,830 faculty members out of which 366 are professors and 2,598 are postgraduate researchers. In addition, 2,131 work in the administration section while 2,653 are student assistants.

The university has approximately 35,570 students and about 40 research institutes and 100 study programmes. It has the highest percentage of international students; around 26.6% of students were enrolled in the university in the year 2019. TU Berlin focuses on scientific networking and as of now, the top 60 researchers hold a leading position in Fraunhofer Society, Helmholtz Association and the Leibniz Association. Apart from this, it promotes and gives importance to entrepreneurship and start-ups in science and other subjects of importance.

The university welcomes into the most scientific and modern library in Germany with around 3 million media is available to students and scientists. It has about 3,100 visitors every day that can explore the multimedia workstations at the library. The 'innoCampus' of Technical University aims to expand the university in the fields of online learning.

TU Berlin has an alumni network connecting Germany with other 138 countries across the world. Some of the notable alumni of the university include Carl Bosch who won the Nobel Prize in 1931, Henri Marie Coanda who discovered the Coanda Effect and the nuclear physicist and atomist, Fritz Houtermans.


Courses Duration 1st Year Tuition Fees
MS(67 Courses) (18 months-2 years) INR 0 - 9.17 L
B.E. / B.Tech(20 Courses) (3 years) INR 0
MBA/PGDM(2 Courses) (18 months) INR 0
MIM(6 Courses) (18 months-2 years) INR 0
B.Sc.(15 Courses) (3 years) INR 0
BBA(3 Courses) (3 years) INR 0

Off-campus Accommodation

Off campus accommodation


Details for off-campus

  • Most of the off-campus housing is managed by Studentenwerk Berlin (state-run non-profit organization for student affairs in Germany)
  • All the halls are close to one or another university in the city
  • Accommodations type include Student residence halls and Apartments
  • Residence halls are generally cheap as compare to apartments
  • The average price of the rooms in Berlin is around 450 € per month
  • All the halls are completely furnished and have students club, laundry, kitchen and shared or private bathrooms