About Ecole des Ponts ParisTech

As one of the oldest and most respected educational and research institutions in France, the ENPC is well adapted to the global demands of the modern world. With a legacy of world-class invention and innovation, the ENPC offers high-level educational programs in an extensive range of fields including engineering, management, economics, environment, transportation and urban planning. The philosophy of the ENPC School of International Management stems from the belief that in today?s world, business leadership and management success cannot be achieved without a strong commitment to ethical values and a comprehensive understanding of cultural diversity. Therefore, the school emphasizes the importance of knowing about one?s self, other cultures, as well as values and belief systems (including business ethics, corporate citizenship, and social responsibility). By providing a multi-disciplinary and well-rounded learning experience, the program aims to help participants become more competent and confident individuals, ready to achieve their personal and professional dreams. The School reflects our mission to develop managers and leaders who thrive in a multicultural and multidisciplinary environment and who have the potential to become ?engineers of society? or pioneers in their respective fields.



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