About HSE University

HSE University (National Research University) was established in 1992. The Russian university has campuses in four cities and boasts more than 20 faculties, including electronics, computer science, mathematics, communications, media, and design, world economy and international affairs, and, most recently, physics.

HSE University has more than 40,000 students on four campuses in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod and Perm. HSE University is one of the largest universities in Russia.

HSE offers high quality education at all levels – from high school students to postgraduate and MBA programmes. Subject fields include the social sciences, economics, humanities, law, engineering, computer science, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and biotechnology, as well as in creative disciplines.

HSE's English-taught online specialization, Advanced Machine Learning, was the first course in Russia to receive the Outstanding Educator Award from Coursera in the Innovation category.

HSE faculty, researchers, and students represent over 100 countries. HSE University operates more than 100 research institutes and centers, and around 40 international laboratories are led by internationally renowned scholars, including Nobel laureate Eric Maskin and Fields medal laureate Andrey Okunkov.

There are a number of ways to learn more about HSE’s programmes:

Exploring HSE online

Study Tour Experience: The next Study Tour will take place from February 15 – 20 2021Class Experience: Class Experience offers another opportunity to attend HSE’s online master’s programme classes. Class Experience is a new project that was launched last month. The program lasts until April. Find out about the application process here.Mock Tests for Prospective Bachelor’s Students: Anyone interested can take a mock test in their field of choice: there are tests in Russian, Mathematics, History, and EnglishZoom Consultations: Through Zoom Consultations, you can learn about the rules of admission, and get advice on preparing necessary documents. The next group consultation will be held on December 10 at 4 pm by a representative of the HSE Graduate School of BusinessA great opportunity for Master's applicants - Preliminary Portfolio AssessmentGrant and Scholarship CalculatorQuiz for Master’s Prospective StudentsTest for Bachelor's Students to figure out which study programmes suit their skills and preferences 'Inspired by Your Bright Future: HSE Business Talk' webinars

'HSE Stars Featured: Professors' and Students' Stories' videos

Studying at HSE 

HSE University offers more than 240 bachelor’s and master’s programmes, as well as more than 50 double degree programmes with global universities. HSE University has 765 partnerships and/or student exchange agreements with 421 international partners from 60+ countries. 

New online programmes are available on Coursera. One can study completely online and get a degree from HSE University.

HSE students can choose up to a third of their course. 20 percent of degree credits are earned through project work, enabling students to learn through ‘on-the-job’ experiences that prepare them for post-graduation employment. Learn about the admissions process here.

HSE University also offers short-term non-degree programmes, including a semester in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg or Nizhny Novgorod; the Summer University; as well as summer and winter schools in various fields.

Doing Business in Russia is an educational module that combines practical experiences through internships with theoretical knowledge in the classroom to give a wide-reaching introduction to Russia’s business culture.

Additionally, HSE also runs Russian language preparatory courses (basic, intensive and extended courses) for international students who plan to enter a Russian-taught full-degree program, as well as an English Preparatory Programme in Economics. Some of them are in an online mode.

The HSE International Admissions website is available both in English and in Russian, as well as in Chinese, Spanish and Arabic.



The application period starts every November and ends every August.

International students can apply to study at HSE for free through full-tuition scholarships for selected full-degree Bachelor's and Master's programmes. The university offers a wide range of tuition fee scholarships and grants to international applicants.



The main buildings of the HSE Moscow campus are in the historical centre of Moscow: between the Boulevard Ring and Kitay-Gorod. It is a great place to walk and explore the history of the capital not far from the Kremlin. Take this 3D tour.


All HSE campuses are comfortable for the students:

  • Cafes and canteens 
  • Modern housing
  • GYM’s, dancing and yoga classes
  • HSE Buddies who help international students to get accustomed to life in Moscow and on campus (part of ESN)
  • Libraries and coworking areas
  • Computer classes
  • Mobile app for campus navigation in Moscow
  • Free Wi-Fi Access
  • Convenient public transportation
  • Adaptation for disabled people
  • First-aid posts

HSE University is expanding, improving, and trying to make learning equally comfortable for all students. Beginning in 2021, HSE University will introduce a new student housing programme.

Students admitted to state-funded places, i.e. with a 100% scholarship from the Russian government ('quotas'), will be accommodated in the HSE dormitories. The average dormitory fee is 2,000 Russian rubles per month.

Fee-paying students and students with partial grants will be able to participate in the new student housing programme, which will provide assistance with finding an apartment or room for rent, and, if necessary, roommate pairing.

Details are available on the My HSE House website.



The Career Development Centre at HSE University organises events to advance the relationships between HSE and its industry partners year round. The centre also provides HSE students and graduates with career guidance and hosts the largest HSE's career event, Career Marathon.

The centre cooperates with more than 500 companies such as Sberbank, VTB24, Citi, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, Gazpromneft Lubricants, IBM, Rosneft, Google, Procter&Gamble, Coca-Cola, EY, Mercedes-Benz, Bloomberg, McKinsey, and more. The centre regularly holds joint events (presentations, master classes, workshops, business games, etc.) with those companies.

The Success Builder Project features graduates from HSE University who have discovered themselves through an interesting business or an unexpected profession. The protagonists share their experiences and talk about the big shots they’ve schmoozed and how they’ve made the most of the opportunities they were given.