About Moscow Pedagogical State University

Moscow Pedagogical StateUniversity (MPGU- http://en.mpgu.su/) is a federal educationalinstitution that offers many higher educational programmes for undergraduate andpostgraduate students. The University established in 1872 is one of the oldestand the most prominent Russian teacher-training institutions. It was the firstHigher Education Establishment for women at those times. The University becameone of the winners in All-Russian Competition for Higher EducationalInstitutions in 2007 implementing innovative educational programmes within theprestigious National Project “Education”. The University was included in theState List of Especially Valuable Objects of Cultural Heritage of the RussianFederation Nation by the Decree of President Dmitriy Medvedev in 2009. In 2015as a result of processes initiated by the Russian Ministry of Education andScience the University was joined with Sholokhov Moscow State University forthe Humanities. The University has 14institutes and 2 independent faculties, 110 departments, 24 educational and research centers, 60scientific schools, the library with over 2 million volumes. Branches of theUniversity are located in 7 cities of the Russian Federation. MPGU productively cooperates with more than one hundreduniversities from many countries.



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