Since 2001, Singapore Raffles Music College (SRMC) has been one of Singapore’s leading schools for higher learning in music and dance, registered with the Committee for Private Education (CPE).

Steeped in the tradition of excellence, SRMC possesses not only comprehensive curricula, excellent infrastructure, innovative teaching methods but also a team of highly qualified, dedicated and professional academic team. In addition, the College periodically invites renowned musicians (local and overseas) to enhance our student’s musical knowledge and skills.

In 2010, SRMC partnered University of West London (UWL), London College of Music (LCM) – one of the most prestigious tertiary institutions in the UK – to offer various music and dance degree programmes.

Through the years, SRMC has committed itself to producing professional musicians and dancers. To allow ourselves to achieve this, the College has since upgraded to a new campus in 2018.

In 2020, the College has updated our Vision, Mission, and Values statements to be a career-focused arts college. This is to gear our focus on allowing our students to have the best head start in their careers by ensuring that our curriculum and industry experiences provide the students with relevant and desired skill sets to succeed in life.


Student Union

Connection, Communication, and Community;

These are the principles guiding the SRMC Student Union as we strive to instill a sense of belonging among the student body.

With the core commitment of being the voice of students, we are steadfast in our goal of raising and addressing student concerns and bringing our ideas to life. As student leaders, we value this opportunity to make a difference in the student experience by improving students’ welfare and enhancing campus life. We seek to provide a collaborative space for all students to nurture their creativity by working closely with college staff to organise events throughout the year.

We welcome you to join us as we go on this journey of self-discovery and experiential learning.