Sorbonne University is a world class research institute formed by the union of two leading universities of France, Paris-Sorbonne and Pierre & Marie Curie University.

According to US News and World Report, the university has been ranked #1 in Best Global Universities in France, demonstrating its consistency as the most popular and sought out institute.

The university shows a lenient admission policy with an acceptance rate of 100%. Currently, the university has 43,585 students enrolled in different programs. The number of international students is 8,687 which is 20% of the total student population. International students need to submit their GPA, official transcripts, financial documentation and course-specific requirements to apply for the programs at Sorbonne University.

The majority of the courses at the university are taught in French, and any student applying to higher education will need to showcase their knowledge in the language. It is recommended that all international applicants have proficiency of a B2 or C1 level of French. For the Department of Medicine, each candidate must have a level C1 in French, unless they hold a French baccalaureate.

The academic year at Sorbonne University starts in September and is divided into two semesters. The first term ends around late January and the second term by early June. Admissions at Sorbonne University are carried out based on deadlines by the Campus France website. January 17, 2021, is the deadline for applications to the ECF. Presently, non-European students enrolling for the first time in a higher education cycle in France will have to pay annual registration fees: € 2,770 (~2,43,000 INR) for a license and € 3,770 (~3,31,000 INR) for master.


Sorbonne University Rankings

  • #1 in Best Global Universities in France by US News and World Report, 2021.
  • #43 in Best Global Universities by US News and World Report, 2021.
  • #10 in Best Global Universities in Europe by US News and World Report, 2021.
  • #83 in QS World University Rankings, 2021.
  • #141-150 in Graduate Employability Rankings by THE World Rankings 2021.
  • #87 in World University Rankings by THE World University Rankings 2021.
  • #201-300 in Impact Rankings 2021 by THE World University Rankings 2021.


Sorbonne University Campus and Accommodation

Sorbonne University's historical campus is in the historic central Sorbonne building, in the Latin Quarter. Sorbonne University is located in the heart of France and is based on a very accessible location. The university consists of a total of 10 academic departments and institutes. There are various rental conference facilities available.

The Pierre and Marie Curie Campus is a rental space for various occasions and is a part of the Faculty of Sciences and Engineering. More than 80 sports activities, like volleyball and tennis as well as courses and disabled sports activities are offered throughout the year. Students can also get involved in the Sorbonne University sports association. It is in accordance with the French university sports federation (FFSU).

Sorbonne University Accommodation

Sorbonne University does not have on-campus housing. It offers online accommodation as a rental platform for student residencies, private homes or shared flats.

The Paris Crous Accommodation is typically for exchange students who arrive at Sorbonne University. To obtain a Crous accommodation, students can create a DSE between January 15 and May 31 of the year prior to applying to Sorbonne University.

  • The accommodation cost at Paris Crous ranges around 250-550 Euros (~23,000-48,000 INR).
  • A housing for exchange students is e Cité internationale universitaire de Paris (CiuP).
  • Staying in CiuP costs international students between 500-800 Euros (~43,000-70,000 INR). The ViSALE housing is aimed at people of age 30 years or younger.

An international student must take up housing insurance. Housing insurance covers all the damages or possible burglary and is the minimum requirement for a tenant. A security deposit is required to detect any breach of contract. When a student signs their lease the landlord will usually ask for a security deposit. The Personal Housing Assistance Fund (APL) is a housing benefit offered to applicants.

Sorbonne University Programs

Sorbonne University offers a wide range of courses. The program structure is divided into three segments academically, College of Science and Engineering, College of Medicine and College of Letters. Programs are offered in both English and in French.

The College of Science and Engineering offers programs across STEM disciplines and engineering diplomas. The faculty of arts and humanities maintains progress in literature, languages, social sciences, arts and related programs. The university has started offering certain multidisciplinary programs, either bi-disciplinary or dual-degree bachelors programs to international students.

COVID 19 update- Due to the current context linked to the Covid-19, the calendar for pre-registration campaigns for international students in French higher education establishments has been adapted.

Sorbonne University Admission Process

To get admitted into a program at Sorbonne University, an applicant must apply and confirm the chosen degree program first. Then they should send the documents to be attached, pay the Student and Campus Life contribution (CVEC) and pay the registration fees. A student wishing to apply to Sorbonne University must keep the following in mind:

How to apply?

  • Application portal: Aspirants from a country outside of Europe who partners with Campus France, will need to apply via the ‘Study in France’ section of the Campus France website.
  • CVEC fees: 92 euros


Sorbonne University Cost of Attendance

Sorbonne University offers education at a cheap rate, compared to other institutions of similar reputation. The tuition is free for domestic as well as international students but there is a registration fee that is required to get admission into the university. The cost of attendance for the years 2021-22 can be tabulated and summarized as follows:


Type of Fees Amount in Euros
Registration fees Bachelor’s: 170 Master’s: 243 Engineering: 601 PhD: 380
CVEC fees 92
Tuition fees 100
Transport 450
Accomodation 4500
Health insurance 500
Total 5,812 to 6,243