About St Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (SPbGASU)

Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (SPbGASU) was founded in 1832, and it is one of the oldest universities in Russia that provides comprehensive training for specialists in the fields of civil engineering, architecture, transport, and environmental engineering systems. The university implements educational programs for students at all levels of preparation: Bachelor's degree, Specialist's degree, Master's degree and Postgraduate programs.

The key areas of preparation for the university are architecture and civil engineering. In particular, Architecture includes such educational programs as Reconstruction and restoration of architectural heritage, Design of the architectural environment and Urban studies. Civil engineering includes the following programs: Construction of unique buildings and structures, Industrial and Civil engineering, Construction of roads and bridges. In addition, the university provides training in related fields of study.


Top Research & Studies Areas:

  • Civil Engineering and Geotechnologies
    • Structural Engineering
    • Architecture and Urban Design
    • Ecology and Water Resources Managment
    • Construction and Maintainance Managment
    • Transport Systems and Urban Science

Services & Facilities:

* Accommodation. Our university has a comfortable dormitory in the very center of the city on the Fontanka embankment, 15-minute walk from the university. Price is $ 80–100 per month.
* Average cost of living. Students do not have to pay for their books and other materials (unless it is stationery). Living costs – $ 180–200 per month. Do not forget the expenses for clothing: jackets and shoes for autumn and winter, and shorts and shales for summer, of course. Tuition fees vary depending on your course – for example, a BSc in Architecture costs 270,000 rubles (approximately US$4,100) per year, while a BSc degree in Forensic examination, Management or Economics costs 144,000 rubles (~US$2,200) per year.
* Sport facilities. The university offers students a variety of sports facilities. We have our own basketball and volleyball teams, martial arts sections, swimming, motor racing and much more.
* Learn Russian with us. We offer language courses for students with various levels of Russian, including preparation courses for the Test of Russian as a Foreign Language (TORFL).
* Library. Scientific and technical library – one of the oldest and largest treasure-houses of literature in engineering and architecture with the fund of over 800 000 items
* Research. University has over 10 science and research centers unlocking potential of scientists and students of the University, who master professional skills in parallel with studies. Project Management Office “Smart City” will help you to reach your potential and think out of the box.

SPbGASU has 6 faculties:

  • Faculty of Architecture
    • Faculty of Civil Engineering
    • Faculty of Environmental Engineering and Municipal Services
    • Faculty of Automobile and Road-Building
    • Faculty of Economics and Management
    • Faculty of Forensics and Law in Construction and Transport



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