About State University of Management

State University ofManagement (SUM) is an institute of higher education in Russia, specialized intraining of skilled world-class managers. SUM Management programs were formedat the university during its long history and they are based on the advanced scientificachievements of the creative staff and practical experience of modern Russiaand world community. SUM has a long glorious history and is undergoing a newround of its development at present. The university is integrated into globalinformation network, which encourages implementation of modern innovativetechnologies in educational process. Our educational programs embrace all sectorsof world economy from the tourism to IT-technologies and our alumni have theadvanced knowledge and practical experience in the field of management. Morethan 40 000 graduates of SUM work in 100 countries of the world, many of themheld significant positions in prestigious international companies; they arepresidents, ministers, deputies, government officials, well-known scientists,businessmen. Our lectures, alumni and students cooperate closely with leadinguniversities specializing in management education all over the world. Thepermanent strengthening and development of international collaboration favorthe exchange of knowledge and experience with partners abroad.Internationalization helps our Russian and foreign students to form theatmosphere of tolerance and friendship on campus.



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