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MBBS Fees in Tbilisi Open Teaching University

Tbilisi Open Teaching University 5000 USD 5000 USD 3000 USD


MBBS in Tbilisi Open Teaching University,Georgia

“At TOU, we are a people of purpose. We are committed to challenging convention and ourselves. We see things not as they are, but as they could be.” Established in 2002, Tbilisi Open University (TOU) is highly ranked institution offering bachelors, masters and one step medical programs through its 4 schools and multiple degree courses. At TOU we create opportunities for our students to make the most of their student life - providing the people, places and programs that support their growth, wellness and success both within and outside of the classroom – at TOU and in the world beyond. Recently TOU's advantages have been added to the ultramodern new campus in the center of the city that is perfectly equipped with both scientific and technical as well as security. Absolute compliance with infrastructure is highly qualified academic staff. Students have the opportunity to practice in private and public organizations. University cares about their employment.

TOU is one of the fastest growing university on the market with around 400 staff and more than 1500 students a considerable part of whom come from outside Georgia. Diversity, student-centered environment and top notch quality education led university to be ranked at the highest level by students and alumni in 2016. The new state-of-the-art building and facilities supports University’s vision to be the leading university for creative and professional practice inspired by innovation and enquiry. This modern, vibrant learning environment houses superb facilities, including science labs, subject specific classrooms equipped with the latest teaching technology, student workspaces, conference rooms and simulation labs. There is a library of the highest standards with an access to the high impact publications that gives students and faculty access to any kind of literature they wish both on and off campus.

At TOU we're passionate about helping our students and alumni to achieve their career goals. Our Career Development Center is readily available to assists all students and alumni in the development of career education, career identification and search, and pursuit of employment opportunities commensurate with formal academic pursuits. TOU maintains partnerships with leading businesses and organizations to provide students with a highly regarded professional education. Programs at TOU are designed in partnership with employers in the fields of law, business, finance and health. Practice Based Learning model adopted by TOU allows students to gain real world business experience and provides an opportunity to master the components gained through classroom studies and transfer it into practice.

The vision of the Tbilisi Open University is to establish a favorable conditions for the development of quality education, scientific research and professional skills that are demanded and competitive at both local and international markets. The mission of the Tbilisi Open University is to equip students with the practical and intellectual skills that are in accordance with the latest trends of the international labor market by providing newest teaching methodologies, favorable research conditions and assistance in development of practical skills. By creating a multicultural and democratic climate in the university, to inspire development of a person with high civic responsibility, critical and creative thinking.

Why Study MBBS in Tbilisi Open Teaching University, Georgia

  • Department of Strategic Development and Quality Assurance at TOU is the university management body. The Service carries out its activities in accordance with the Georgian legislation, international acts regulating the European Higher Education Area, University Statute, the present Regulation and other legal acts applicable to the University.
  • The Service is guided by the National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement, the European Association for Quality Assurance (ENQA) and the standards and recommendations developed by European associations and organizations of the relevant profile involved in the Bologna process.
  • The service facilitates the continuity of teaching and learning quality at the university and for this purpose the activities necessary to stimulate educational activities.
  • Taking care of professional and personal development of students through modern researches and methodologies and developing their scientific and research based educational activities.
  • Students from all countries are treated equally and are provided same guidelines and protocols with in-depth clinical knowledge approach.
  • It also enforces the scientists in the university to streamline the collaboration with students.

Advantages of studying at Tbilisi Open Teaching University

1. The cost of education for studying at Tbilisi Open Teaching University2. The high quality of education at an affordable price makes it a perfect place to study medicine. is much more affordable compared to that of Indian Private Universities.

2. The high quality of education at an affordable price makes it a perfect place to study medicine.

3. The well maintained law and order in Tbilisi makes it a safe place for students to study MBBS at Tbilisi Open Teaching University.

4. The education system of Georgia is highly efficient. It is proven by the high literacy of 91% in Georgia.

5. The presence of students from different countries provides an Indian student exposure to various different cultures.

6. The local people of Georgia are very welcoming towards the MBBS students of India.