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MBBS Fees in Tbilisi State Medical University

Tbilisi State Medical University 6500 USD 6500 USD 3000 USD

MBBS in Tbilisi State Medical University, Georgia

The founders of Georgian University understood the necessity of introduction of higher medical education in Georgia. Ivane Javakhishvili, the first initiator of the foundation of the university, wrote: "... the nature of our homeland, real and moving, speaker and speaker is so important for the researcher, because of local conditions, the different diseases of the man have so many different qualities that are not yet studied. Scientists and scientists rnalo wide faculty and honored to have given a free hand. "

Analysis of revolutionary, worldview and political changes in the objective, in some cases, in the country and society at the beginning of the nineties of the last century, made it clear that the institution needed to establish greater space for future tasks; Newly-acquired autonomy must be incorporated into the new university structure, which means that the medical institution should be transformed into university, for which the existence of the foreseeable existence of the Institute has already existed. The initiative of this objective, argumentative initiative was the medical university itself.

Training, research and medical and pharmaceutical activities at Tbilisi State Medical University are inseparable from each other. The principle of high quality medical education in Tbilisi State Medical University is provided with wide-ranging action of diplomatic, post-graduate, resident and continuous professional development, qualification raising programs for medical and pedagogic personnel. The University provides opportunities for student-oriented and lifelong learning opportunities for different needs.

Study and Research of Fundamental and Clinical Sciences in TSMU The Georgian, English and Russian Academic Diploma (undergraduate, single-stage), postgraduate and postgraduate development, as well as vocational education programs with citizens of over 70 countries are running competitive international medical education Requirements in the main directions of the month: sectoral academic knowledge, information management, clinical thinking, practical and communication skills. Tbilisi State Medical University is the leader in Georgia and will continue to strengthen its leader position as an internationally recognized hub of the country and the Caucasus region.

The values shared by the Tbilisi State Medical University are

  • Autonomy and Democracy;
  • Academic freedom of teaching and research;
  • Academic degree of studying, teaching, research; 
  • Professional development of academic personnel and students;
  • Elective and transparency of management bodies;
  • Internationalization of academic, professional and research cooperation;
  • Development of traditions, research and professional activities;
  • Strict adherence to professional ethics principles and responsibilities;
  • Protection of the principles of social responsibility;
  • Respect for human rights and freedoms.

MBBS Admission Procedure at Tbilisi State Medical University

The Tbilisi State Medical University has been the best option for International medical applicants who are looking for an affordable medical education overseas. The Georgian government provides a subsidy for MBBS in Georgia at Tbilisi State Medical University

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International students can get accommodation within the campus area of government medical colleges, whereas the private medical colleges in Georgia have independent hostel buildings within their campus. Tbilisi State Medical University (TSMU) does not offer hostel facilities. The students may select to rent an apartment when universities don’t have hostel facilities in the campus.