Founded in 1970, the University of Kaiserslautern is one of the highly ranked global universities in Germany known for its technical training approach in courses across bachelor's, master's, and doctoral levels. Primarily a public research institute, the university is a coveted choice for studying in Germany that invites applicants from different corners of the world who are equipped with the basics of the German language.

Apart from the technical courses, language courses available at the university are highly popular among international candidates that form nearly 16% of the student population at the organization. The institute combines traditional learning with modern approaches such as distance learning, self-learning centers, etc., and makes it more accessible for aspirants across the globe. Kaiserslautern’s Mathematics and Computer Science are two highly unparalleled and sought-after programs in the country.

Admissions at the University of Kaiserslautern are available in the 2 seasonal intakes of Winter and Summer and follow different application deadlines for its diverse range of courses. The institute requires a non-refundable fee of 50 EUR from all its aspirants along with the completed application forms. The university has a high graduate employment rate of over 90% and thus can help its students and some of the high-paying jobs in Germany after graduation.

University of Kaiserslautern Rankings

The latest rankings of the University of Kaiserslautern on various portals are as follows:

  • Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2021
  • 601-800th by Times Higher Education in the World University Rankings 2021
  • 101-150th in Young University Rankings 2020
  • U.S. News and World Report 2021
  • #978 in Best Global Universities
  • #387 in Best Global Universities in Europe
  • #56 in Best Global Universities in Germany
  • #693 in Engineering (subject rankings)
  • #671 in Physics (subject rankings)


University of Kaiserslautern Courses

  • The university offers an array of courses for international students including specialization across 12 sub-divisions- Architecture, Civil Engineering, Biology, Chemistry, Electrical and Computer Engineering, IT, Mechanical Engineering and Process Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Social Sciences, Spatial and Environment Planning, and Economics.
  • From the twelve broad categories, applicants can choose a specific area of study from the multiple courses offered.
  • Business Management and Administration, being popular courses can be approached both through full-time study or distance learning programs. An internship of twelve weeks is a part of the Business Administration full-time program.
  • Distance and Independent Studies Center (DISC) offers an opportunity for continuing studies from a distance. Both certificate and master courses can be chosen for distance learning.
  • Business and Management, Business Law for Business Practice, and HR Development are some popular DISC courses.
  • UT also offered a certificate in specific programs. They include construction engineering, chemistry, electrical engineering, metal technology, mathematics, physics, geography, sports, and more.


University of Kaiserslautern Campus

  • The university campus is situated in the scenic city of Kaiserslautern, surrounded by numerous research institutes that have a rapport with the institute.
  • The campus is pretty closed with a spread of academic and research blocks and the residential space at the center.
  • In TUK, WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) provides wireless communication and internet connection for computers and phones.
  • The university offers a very interactive campus life, with theatre groups, campus TV, class choir, big band, and many more art and culture-related activities operating all across.
  • Library facilities for academic and research purposes, computer systems, free internet access, canteen, student service center are few amenities available on campus.
  • Life at Kaiserslautern is beyond the FCL Football club. It offers opportunities for discovering the countryside, shopping, sports, nightlights, café visits, etc.


University of Kaiserslautern Accommodation

  • Students have the provision of living on or off-campus. But, with fewer on-campus opportunities, it’s highly recommended to fill a form for accommodation on a priority basis.
  • The residence hall, which is centrally located at Kaiserslautern comprises mostly single bedrooms with an attached kitchen and washroom.
  • There is also a common room with facilities such as an oven, dryer, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, etc. Bus service is also available for students living at the residence hall.
  • The rent for the on-campus lodging is 230 EUR including utilities.
  • Private accommodation/off-campus lodging is readily available at decent rates.
  • For a single-person apartment, with a bathroom, kitchen, and basic utilities, the estimated cost must be around 290 EUR. However, if you wish to share a flat with other students, this cost can get reduced to 230 EUR/month.
  • University guest houses are available for temporary accommodation at 420 EUR/month and are available for a period of three months.
  • There are several short-term off-campus accommodations too. Students can pick from hotels, holiday flats, and guesthouse rooms online.