About Catania University

The foundation of the University of Catania, the oldest in Sicily, dates back to 1434, when the king of Spain, Alfonso of Aragon  authorised the establishment of a Studium generale with  the privilege of issuing legally valid academic titles  in the four core disciplines of theology, canon and civil law, physical and joint philosophy, liberal arts. Today the University of Catania is a public institution with a strong and ever growing international orientation and community. Its main goal is to provide international students with a stimulating learning environment, and to offer them an international dimension based on excellence and innovation, both key elements of the educational experience.  It proposes an attractive portfolio of academic titles and is committed in the creation of a “laboratory” where the ancient Mediterranean culture meets the new technologies, for an advanced training experience. Students wishing to take an undergraduate degree will find the University of Catania to be a high quality educational institution.  In the city of Catania  students may also discover a culturally dynamic environment suitable for growing as students and individuals as well.



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