The University of Greifswald, one of the oldest universities in Germany and the Baltic Sea Region is a research oriented university. Greifswald is a European and worldwide recognized plasma research center. Currently, Plasma technology and the use of plasmas in the fields of pharmacy and medicine, and few others are the central topics for research here. University Medicine is also one of the five key research fields at the university.


The University of Greifswald Programs and Residence Programs

The university offers many courses in a wide variety of subjects.

They include,

  • Degree courses in Pharmacy, Dentistry, Human medicine and Law
  • Diploma courses in various subjects
  • Bachelor courses in Arts and Science
  • Master courses in Arts and Science
  • Teaching qualification degree courses Only two master's degree courses, "Earth Sciences" and "Landscape Ecology and Nature Conservation" are taught completely in English. Rest, all the courses have German language as their medium of instruction. Residence The university does not provide on-campus accommodation. Usually, students go for a room in a shared. Students also stay in residence halls which are located around the town. They are run by the "Studentenwerk (Student Services)".
University of Greifswald Admissions

Students may apply through the Uni-Assist application portal. Application Fee - 75 Euro

Application Deadline: Summer - January 15, Winter - 15th July
Documents Required: Foreign secondary school leaving certificates, academic records, and certificates, CV, proof of payment of the processing fees, German language proficiency proof
Other Documents: Copy of passport, visa


Other Requirements:

  • Certificate Test AS (core test with a minimum score of 100) – for Medicine and Dentistry
  • Aptitude test – for Art and Music
  • Note: For courses that have English as the medium for instruction requires TOEFL or IELTS test scores (Level B2) or alternatively proof of at least seven years of English lessons at school.


University of Greifswald Scholarships

The university offers various scholarships. It also offers other concession and financing options. Few among the main scholarships are:

  • Deutschlandstipendium: 300 Euro per month
  • Graduate Funding at the University of Greifswald - 1,100 Euro per year
  • Boguslaw Scholarship - 1,200 Euro per year