About University of Parma

The University of Parma, which boasts a thousand years of history, has now about 27,000 students and 1,700 professors, researchers and administrative staff. Attention to teaching of quality, research, innovation and dissemination of knowledge on the territory are the core of our mission.

The University of Parma’s research and teaching facilities boast nine departments: the Departments of Arts and Humanities, Economics and Management, Law and Politics, Medicine and Surgery and Veterinary Science are located in the city center. The scientific departments (Chemistry, Life Sciences and Environmental Sustainability; Engineering and Architecture; Food and Drug; Mathematical, Physical and Computer Sciences) are located in the University Campus, a 80-hectare area in the southern side of the city which also hosts a brand new Technopole and cutting-edge sports facilities for all students.

Sanitary emergency news: The University of Parma chose not to stop, but to continue during the unprecedented times of the coronavirus pandemic. The university settled on a series of actions to guarantee continuity in everyone’s education and ensuring students could finish their studies on time.

The professors at The University of Parma moved teaching online, utilizing video lessons and streaming in the second semester as in-person classes couldn’t be held on campus.  

Similarly, exams were also undertaken in the online space using Teams platform. Online graduation sessions began on 12th March set by the departments and using "Teams" platform. For each of these activities, video tutorials were made in record time, aimed at both teachers and students.

You can find all information about the activities  during the emergency period at this webpage.



Enrollments on the degree courses of the University of Parma open on 8th July 2021. More information on the enrollment deadlines for each course is available on the Manifesto degli studi 2021-2022.

COVID-19: prospective students Academic Year 21-22
The University of Parma has provisionally adopted an online modality for its Bachelor and Master programs to allow students to follow the lessons, to take exams and to take graduations. 
The hope is of course that the pandemic will finish soon, but difficulties could be foreseen for traveling from one Country to another in the next months. 

For these reasons, as part of the internationalization programs, we provide (thanks to a specific project called COVE-Enhancing Collaborative Virtual Education in an Emergency Context), the opportunity to follow online courses, offered in English and Italian from the University of Parma, for the entire academic year 2020-2021. Moreover enrollment practices are facilitated for international students, even in distance mode. In order to have information on the enrollment procedure please write to admissions@unipr.it  

Foundation Year:
The Foundation Year is a ten-month, full immersion preparatory programme for international students wishing to enroll at the University of Parma or any Italian University or a Music Conservatory.

It addresses prospective students holding a high school diploma but who have linguistic or cultural gaps and/or less than 12 years of schooling, as required by Law to access university in Italy.

 Thanks to this programme, international students will have the opportunity to:

improve their language competence in Italian up to B2 level (needed to enroll at an Italian University) and expand their intercultural communicative skills;

fill in any cultural and intercultural gaps to better integrate in an academic context in Italy;

obtain a one-year certificate of attendance (for students who do not have 12 years of schooling).



The University of Parma offers a range of  services and facilities for students such as incoming and outgoing orientation, computer labs, a Language Center, libraries and study rooms, museums, foreign language courses, scholarships, students welcome point , assistance for students with disabilities and for disadvantaged people , sport facilities, etc.

These services make our university one of the most important and well-known university centers in Europe.
The facilities also include Erasmus and International Home, a new center for international exchanges, which offers help and support for the incoming and outgoing mobility of students, teachers and administrative staff.

You can find in the University Brief Guide a detailed description of the services.



Graduates from the University of Parma have a great advantage when it comes to finding a job. In fact, according to the last AlmaLaurea report, the 78,3% of first-cycle graduates and the 76,8% of second-cycle graduates find a job within a year from the degree, a data that reaches 88,5% after five years. A result which is better than the national average and proves our attention towards our students and their future.

Our mission is to create strong relations with institutions and enterprises in order to support our students during the transition from University to a job.

For this reason, every year the University of Parma organises a Job Day, an opportunity for both companies and students to get in touch.