About Universität Rostock

The University of Rostock is not only the oldest university in the Baltic Sea Region; it is also the richest in tradition. As it was founded in 1419, it will soon celebrate its 600th anniversary and looks back on a long tradition of educating students and doing research.The University of Rostock consists of nine traditional faculties and one central interdisciplinary faculty in which scientists and students from all faculties collaborate to do research in four major fields: “Life, light and matter”, “Maritime systems”, “Ageing of individuals and society” and “Knowledge - Culture - Transformation”. These are the main fields of research, which have developed from the long Tradition of the university and expand the university`s profile by connecting its strengths by means of an interdisciplinary, cross-curricular communication and collaboration.The University of Rostock is one of the German universities with a very wide range of subjects. It offers more than 100 courses - 34 finish with a bachelor's, 56 with a master's degree, 37 (including teachers) with a state examination and 3 with a PhD. Furthermore, the Center for Teacher Training and Educational Research does not only conduct educational research but also works on improving the quality of teacher training.



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