Why Study in Oregon State University

Oregon State is an international public research university that draws people from all 50 states and more than 100 countries. We go wherever the challenges are, push ourselves to the very edge of what’s known and keep going. We are determined to forge solutions. We are diverse and welcoming. We embrace our responsibility to Oregon and the world, building a future that’s smarter, healthier, more prosperous and more just. We see what could be and have worked relentlessly for 150 years to make it so.

Oregon State University attracts 9000+ international students from 106 countries worldwide. Its popularity as a study destination in the United States is partly for its highest research output and partly for its student outcomes. One of the most “innovative” universities in the US, Oregon State and one among the only three US Universities to have Space-Grant, Sea-Grant and Sun-Grant. This means that enrolled students can experience and work on actual space and sea exploration initiatives first-hand, alongside scientists and engineers. Students interested in Sciences, Engineering and related fields can especially benefit from networks in the scientific community

Oregon State University Campus

A 420 acres large campus here provides the perfect suburban setting to students, in the form of a park-like atmosphere that can be utilized, for recreation, study, and relaxation. OSU recently completed the construction of a branch campus located in Bend. This new branch campus is called OSU-Cascades that offers students living in the more central region of the state an opportunity to attend select classes at a campus location closer to their homes.


50,000. Corvallis is geographically situated 35 miles south of Salem. However, this does not pose a problem since connectivity here is really good. The University is located very close to the Oregon Metro area. The nearest airport is in Portland city, at a distance of 85 miles from Corvallis


The faculty is ranked no. 1 in the world for experimental research in accounting information systems and no. 8 for experimental financial accounting. Also, the supply chain management faculty collaborate with many faculties around the globe, delivering research seminars in universities in North America, the European Union, and the Pacific Rim

Jobs and placements

The Career Development Center at the Oregon State University is here to help you successfully pursue your career goals where they offer each OSU student access to career events, tools, and resources, and individual career consultations specific to your background and goals. The Career Success Center connects Oregon State College of Business students with the resources needed to succeed in today’s job market, where they gain the tools needed to obtain internships, interviews, and jobs, while employers meet profession-ready employees who are ready to make an immediate impact.