Italy has its reputation in the world of arts, fashion, design, automobiles, architecture, opera, fashion and there is an endless list of specialties. Right from its cuisine to culture, Italy has gained significant importance since its formation into a nation in the year 1871. Though as a nation, it is relative of younger than many other countries, still the impeccable records Italy has carved for itself is highly appreciable.

Today, thousands of students globally are looking at Italy as a destination for their higher education pursuits. The number of state universities and private universities that are integral to Italian national development started making a remarkable difference to thousands of students pursuing higher educations. With many universities of Italy having niche course offerings and holistic education models integral to its culture, admissions to Italian universities have become a great demand.

The graph above from the Statista 2019, reflects on the reputed universities of Italy and the distinct set of courses offered by Italy. Join Your University, is closely working on direct engagement with many of the reputed Italian universities to bring in the opportunity of enrollment into their preferred courses by the Indian students.