Why Study in Coastline Community College

Coastline Community College Foundation is depending on community partners to offer their support of the Promise. When the promise of education is fulfilled, it's not just the students who benefit but the whole community benefits by elevating families out of poverty. In return, the community and local economy benefits through well-educated, career-ready graduates who live and work in our region. Pledge your support to the Coastline Promise and transform the community – donate online. To find out how you can partner with the Coastline Promise, please contact Mariam Khosravani (by email: mkhosravani@coastline.edu) or call the Foundation at (714) 241-6154.

Accreditation is a process for evaluating and assuring the quality of education used by the American higher education community. Each institution affiliated with the ACCJC voluntarily undergoes a seven-year cycle of institutional self-evaluation and professional peer review, measuring itself against the Accreditation Standards. Based upon reports and peer review, the Commission determines the accredited status of an institution, which is made public through Commission announcements.

Coastline Community College wishes to announce that it will host an ACCJC evaluation team visit February 25-28, 2019. The review will be based on the Institutions Self Evaluation Report (ISER) and how well the College meets ACCJC's Eligibility Requirements, Accreditation Standards, and the Commission Policies. The visiting team will have opportunities to conduct interviews of employees and students to validate information provided in the ISER. The final evaluation of the College, including ACCJC's recommendations for accreditation, will be received in a formal written document in July, 2019. The letter and Evaluation Report will be published online at that time.

The Board of Trustees is a five member elected board serving 4-year terms, with one student trustee appointed annually in May by the student governments from each campus. The Board of Trustees is committed to assuring that students have the opportunity to achieve their educational goals through a quality education. As a result, the trustees are sincerely interested in the views of students, faculty, staff and citizens on matters affecting community colleges and continuing education in the Coast District. You may write to the Board of Trustees at: CCCD, 1370 Adams Avenue, Costa Mesa, CA 92626. Copies of your letter will be sent to each board member.

About Coastline Community College

Coastline College, a multi-campus community college, is located in the heart of Orange County, CA offering in-person classes as well as distance learning and work-based learning. The Coastline campuses are an educational and cultural hub for the region.