Why Study in IUBH university

For many years IUBH has maintained extensive partnerships with universities in North and South America, Asia, Australia and Europe. The range of foreign partner programs that our students can use is therefore extremely diverse. The central contact point for all questions about studying abroad is our International Office .

In addition, we have integrated an internship into our Bachelor programs, which you can of course complete abroad. You apply your language and specialist knowledge directly in companies in an international environment.

All courses offered by the IUBH are accredited and bear the seal of the German Accreditation Council. The accreditation certifies, among other things, that degree programs comply with academic standards in terms of content, that study structures meet all formal requirements and that the resources required for the implementation of the programs are available in the form of qualified personnel and sufficient equipment. It facilitates the international recognition of study achievements in all 48 states of the Bologna area. Only in very rare cases does FIBAA award its "golden" premium seal, which is currently awarded to five IUBH study programs, making IUBH one of the leading universities in Germany with five or more premium seals.

The IUBH International University supports students with innovative study programs in the realization of their professional and personal goals. In order to achieve this goal, IUBH has established a quality management system that ensures the quality of the services offered on a lasting basis and integrates all employees of the university.

The IUBH quality management system is the result of an intensive cooperation process between the university administration, the university administration, the teachers, the university committees and not least the students of the university. The quality management system has the task of ensuring compliance with internal and external standards and supporting the achievement of the development goals set by the university.

On the basis of the quality objectives and the expectations of the stakeholders, the IUBH has developed a process-based quality management system in order to systematically assure quality-relevant performance areas of the university. The guiding principle is that the optimal organization and implementation of product-related processes leads to optimal products. The quality management system in the first stage of development initially refers to the "study and teaching" performance area and will also cover the research and transfer activities at a later stage of development. The IUBH differentiates between processes related to the management of the university ("management processes", highlighted in yellow below), processes related to the education of the students ("core processes", highlighted in orange) as well as processes, which create the (mostly administrative) prerequisites for the core processes ("support processes", highlighted in green).

Studying in Germany - No German? No Problem

Let’s face it -- not everyone goes to study abroad to perfect their language skills. Going for the cultural experience and life in a new place is just as much a factor. Using a study abroad program allows you to tailor a program to fit what you want and make sure that learning in English is a priority.

Finding a program that offers the majority of its courses in English is a great first step. Check out these study abroad opportunities in Germany to find one that meets your language-learning needs. If you’re uncertain, you can ask a question right on the study abroad program page and alumni from that program will answer you.

You can also visit your school’s study abroad office to find out about partner universities in Germany. Often times, North American schools will partner with foreign institutions that specifically offer programming in their native language. It’s not a bad idea either to ask your school if they offer German language courses. Even a semester’s worth of language classes or short summer intensive will go a long way to prepare you for life in Germany. Chances are you might be able to use some of the credits to pad out your degree as well!

Furthermore, many German universities provide different options for varying levels of German-language abilities, including English instruction for absolute beginners.

You can even choose whether to take courses alongside local German students or other international students. With a little extra research, you'll be able to find the perfect program that pairs survival German classes and other subject courses taught with English instruction.

Remember that there is no best option when it comes to choosing a study abroad experience; just choose the best one for you.

For English speakers who aren’t comfortable speaking German except for the occasional “pass the schnitzel” or “Nein!” it’s no problem (or “Kein Problem,” as the Germans would say) for those wanting to study here.

Not only is Germany a hugely cosmopolitan country, with many English services available in its larger cities, but a 2012 survey by the European Commission revealed that 50% of Germans feel comfortable speaking English. In my experience, that number tends to be even higher amongst German youth and students -- the exact people you’ll be interacting with the most during your time studying abroad.

For those students who aren't confident in their German language skills, there are plenty of programs taught in English all over the country. You'll just need to be a little pickier when you're selecting which program in Germany to study abroad with.

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