• Courses Offered By Northern College
    List Of Course
    Business And Management
    Agriculture And Veterinary
    Engineering Related Technology
    Public Affairs And Law
    Medical And Allied Health Care
    Applied Sciences And Professions
    Art Design And Architecture
    Environmental Studies And Earth Sciences

Why Study in Northern College

Northern College was established in the year 1967. It holds many prestigious affiliations such as CCAA, ACCC, and AUCC. Each year in February, every student, excluding the first semester students, is made to submit a survey ranking his/her satisfaction regarding the programs and events that were conducted on the campus. Here, the students can deliver their feedback on their fellow students, the ambiance of the college, and the staff members working on the campus.

Situated in the province of Ontario, Canada, Northern College has four campuses across the state. Each campus focuses on a particular branch of study for inculcating a strong foundation of the subject. Haileybury Campus: Students study in the modern Veterinary Sciences Centre at the Haileybury Campus. Their labs are equipped with the latest technologies, such as an underwater treadmill. It is the only college providing a Wildlife Rehabilitation Programme in Ontario.

Northern College Programs and Accommodation

Programs: Northern College is one prestigious higher education institute that offers Diploma, Certificate and Undergraduate (UG) level programs in various disciplines. The college has 4 campuses around Ontario and Canada. There are around 10 study fields available.

Some of the popular fields of study are Business Administration – Sales & Marketing, Event Management, Information Systems Management, International Business Management, Computerized Accounting, and Healthcare Administration

Accommodation: The Timmins campus has residence halls offered to international students on a sharing basis.

As there is a limited facility of accommodation, rental as well as room-and-board services are available to students by the communities served by the college.

International students can access the housing registry tool for finding accommodations near campus.

Northern College at PuresToronto Campuses

Northern College at PuresToronto has its campus located in the multicultural Canadian city of Toronto which is consistently ranked as one of the best student cities in the world. The campus is well-connected to the city via public transportation and offers a host of services for students.

Northern College at PuresToronto offers services such as classrooms, lecture theatres, laboratories, computer labs with wireless internet, student union, clubs, and associations in addition to library with print and digital resources.