Why Study in State University of New York

The State University of New York is One of the best higher Education systems on the world! With 64 campuses offering all types of degrees, students have a remarkable choice at a very reasonable cost. Located throughout the state, students can usually find a school close to home so they can save money by living at home. From a SUNY employee’s point of view, it is a great place to work although there may be huge differences between the campuses in terms of quality of life and working conditions. New York State underfunds the system and the campuses are constantly trying to do more with less.

SUNY’s colleges and universities are state-supported and our graduates have been giving back and transforming the lives of local and global citizens since we were established over 65 years ago. Millions of SUNY alumni are working in their communities every day, changing and improving the world with exceptional contributions—whether defined as a medical breakthrough, a technological innovation, an inspirational piece of art, or the birth of a new business.

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We have a collective vision for making New York the best it can be. We call it The Power of SUNY and it guides us in order to keep true to our mission. The Power of SUNY capitalizes on the sum of our parts. As the nation's most comprehensive university system — community colleges, technical colleges, and university centers that specialize in almost every imaginable field — promoting personal growth, business development, and economic revitalization in the community is literally at our fingertips.

SUNY Campusesy

Explore our 64 unique campuses – from urban to rural, small to large, Buffalo to Long Island – including University Centers and Doctoral Degree Institutions, University Colleges, Technology Colleges and Community Colleges. You’ll discover a SUNY community that fosters intellectual curiosity, new interests and lifelong friendships.

SUNY Academics

The State University of New York offers three types of undergraduate degree and certificate programs. Many students start and complete one of the options below, others start and finish one degree and move onto another degree program. Explore specific academic programs offered at SUNY campuses.

Certificate programs consist of courses, typically offered through Community Colleges, that lead directly to employment after a one-year program of study.

Associate degree programs (including AAS, AS, AA, AOS), which usually take two years of study, prepare students for employment or for transfer into a bachelor's program at a four-year campus. Associate degrees are offered at Community Colleges and the Technology Colleges.

Bachelor's degree programs (including BS, BA, BTech, BBA, BFA) are synonymous with "college degrees". You receive a bachelor's degree when you complete your undergraduate studies, typically requiring a four-year, full-time collegiate experience. University Centers and Doctoral Degree Granting Institutions, University Colleges and the Technology Colleges offer bachelor's degrees.